Sherab Ling Monks - Sacred Tibetan Chant


This live recording was made during actual ceremonies and
includes the natural ambient sounds of normal activety. Over
many centuries, the prayer ceremonies on this CD have been
performed by the Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns of the Karma
Kagyu lineage, forming part of the foundation of their daily
lives. These ceremonies originated in the great Buddhist
monasteries of Tibet, and have been brought by the devoted
practitioners to India, where they continue this ancient tradition.

Mahamudra Lineage Prayer and Meditation, Mahakala Puja - Invocation
and offering to Mahakala, Mahakala Puja - Receiving blessings and
dedicating the merit to world peace & harmony,

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Product Description
2003 GRAMMY Award Winner for Best Traditional World Music Album
Sherab Ling Monastery nestles in the gentle pine-forested foothills
of northern India's Kangra Valley, the seat of its founder His
Eminence Ti Situpa XII, a leading Tibetan Buddhist teacher and peace
campaigner. Here the monks perform as part of their daily lives prayer
ceremonies originating many centuries ago in the great Buddhists
monasteries of Tibet. This CD presents the Lineage Prayer with which
the monks begin their day, offering respect to a line of great
meditation practitioners going back as far as the 7th century, and
the Mahakala Ceremony, part of each day's closing ritual in which
the monks ask for purification and dedicate their blessings to all
sentient creatures.

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