OggPlay Symbian OS

Audio Player for Symbian OS phones

Audio Player for Symbian OS phones
OggPlay is an audio player for smartphones. OggPlay was initially written for SonyEriccson P800 and then released under the GPL by Leif H. Wilden. In a true open source project, OggPlay has now been ported to many other Symbian phones. The OggPlay project is hosted on Sourceforge. Please help to keep it going by donating to the project (click on the Donate button).

Main features of OggPlay:
+ Plays .ogg, .oga, .flac and .mp3 audio files
+ Detects and plays audio formats supported by the phone (MP3, AAC, MP4, M4A, WMA)
+ Skins (you can make your own, or use already made ones)
+ User defined hotkeys
+ Auto play
+ Shuffle play
+ Alarm clock
+ Digital volume adjustment (aka volume boost)
+ Gapless playback (coming soon)
+ Bluetooth / Wi-fi / internet streaming (coming soon)
+ Free!


Series 60

Series 60 V2 (MMF version)

Series 60 V3

Series 80

Series 90

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