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Welcome to the only proper XSPF Flash Mp3 Player tutorial page on the Internet. I have been working hard to update this particular player since February 2007. It's now February and version 3.6 has now been officially released.

The reason I prefer the XSPF player to others is because I can easily edit the playlist or generate one using the XSPF playlist generator, allowing me to upload hundreds of files to be played on my XSPF mp3 player without having to write the XSPF playlist code one mp3 at a time, saving me hours. Since I have a website which allows PHP files to be executed, the two programs work like a charm. I recommend this Flash player for users with their own website and/or a MySpace profile (currently no player available for Facebook.com).

Below is documentation and instructions on how to install or modify the XSPF Flash Mp3 Player v3.6 + XSPF Platlist Generator v3.0 for your MySpace profile, personal website, or blog page like www.blogger.com. There is also an Appendix page involving detailed instructions on how to customize the XSPF Flash Mp3 Player v.3.6 and more.

Thanks for visiting and Good Luck!

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-> Test Page <- List of requirements for my version of the XSPF Flash MP3 player: 1. Server capable of executing PHP files (if planning to use on personal website). 2. about 2MB of web space for flash player and it's "plug-ins". 3. Web space for your mp3's. 4. Mp3's with correct ID tags. WILL NOT PLAY WMA OR OGG FILES!! 5. mp3's with same volume levels (depending mp3's bitrate, kbps) 6. Flash 9 or higher must be installed on your Internet browser. 7. At least know a little basic html and have the ability to use an FTP program or online hosting services. Files you will need: Click here for a Zip file containing all the files for the XSPF player v3.6. Last updated on Feb 05, 2008

* playlist_example.xspf
* getid3.lib.php
* getid3.php
* module.audio.mp3.php
* module.tag.id3v1.php

* module.tag.id3v2.php
* xspf_player_v3.6.as
* xspf_player_v3.6.fla
* xspf_player_v3.6.swf
* playlist_example.php

BEFORE WE BEGIN . . . please take some time and read the information below.

Created by: Fabricio Zuardi
Revised by: Esteban Sagrero
February 24, 2007
February 05, 2008


XSPF Flash Mp3 Player v3.6 is a flash-based web application that uses the xspf playlist format to play mp3 songs. The XML Shareable Playlist Format (XSPF) can be edited via a simple txt editor such as Notepad. The Flash player software is written in Actionscript 2 and compiled in Flash Professional 8.0 and is currently compatible with Flash Player 8 and above.


Choose player color or effect
Change TEXT color
Change player's background color
Change color of buttons
Play audio files (MP3 format only)
Shuffle and Repeat toggle on player
Automatically scrolls playlist while in play mode
Resize player to remove album or switch to slim mode.
Automatically load album pictures from Amazon.com (best match), depending on the XSPF player's Mode
Automatically detect network speed and play accordingly
Works with XSPF Playlist Generator v2.0


For more information on this player's parameters please visit the Appendix page.

album : boolean value to manually disable album area, this is already done automatically when player is resized.
alpha : boolean value from 0 - 100, representing how transparent the whole player will look, ghosting effect
autoplay : boolean value that make the playlist load and the music start without the initial user click
autoload : boolean value that make the playlist load without the initial user click
blend : Make player blend via Multiply or Overlay effect into background picture or color from user's site
bg_color : change player's background color via hex color
buffer : seconds to preload audio before playing, if option is off, the player is set to 2 seconds
button_color : change player's button color via hex color
display_time : option for turning off time counter, best if used with Slim Mode
gotoany : boolean value that forces travel to unknown URLs
main_image : global image url, replaces all playlist images and uses this default parameter
menu : disables ability to download tracks from player menu
no_continue : boolean value to turn off automatic song changing
player_title : the text to replace the players default's
playlist_url : the url of the xspf file to load
radio_mode : boolean value, if true tells the player that the last track of playlist is in real a new playlist location. more info
repeat : boolean value to set repeat
repeat_playlist : boolean value to repeat the playlist
shuffle : boolean value to set shuffle
start_track : track number for beginning track
txt_color : change text color, may look funky with blend options activated
volume_level : starting volume level, grading system is 1 to 50, with 50 being the Max volume

The music player can also be used to play single mp3 files instead of playlists, the parameters are:

song_title : the text to replace the players default's
song_url : the url of the single mp3 you want to play

Bug Fix Log for XSPF Flash Mp3 Player v3.5:

[Updated 02/09/2007] by Esteban Sagrero @ www.e162s.com

** Fixed problem with player not stopping at last track.
** Disabled Video Playback. Can be reinstated.
** Added 2 Filters plus Color Option
** Added AutoScroll to Playlist area.
** Fixed the Resize bug. Could be customized more.
** Added Download Option via "on" and "off"

[Updated 02/23/2007]

** Fixed alignment of bottom controls - was off by 20 pixels - Thanks uilani c!
** Added ability to download or NOT download album covers
according to the player's mode (Slim Mode, Tall Mode, etc. . .)
to save bandwidth that can be better used towards loading
** Added ability to turn on or off the "Time Counter" area.

Bug Fix Log for new verison XSPF Flash Mp3 Player v3.6:

[Updated 12/07/2007]

** Fixed alignment of text on bottom control area - was not centered correctly.
** Added ability to turn off album area in the URL commands, but this option is
only needed for when the player is set at 400 width and 170, yet the user
wishes not to use the ablum area anyways. Option does not affect automatic
album area removal when the player is set smaller than 334 in width via HTML,
less than 170 in height via HTML, and larger than 389 in hieght via HTML.
** Fixed a few issues with shuffle and repeat button graphics. Altered both a bit,
and added "ON" text to both.
** Fixed the overlay option, colors weren't showing up right.
** Adjusted the volume system to lessen distortion in Mp3s. Instead of 1 to 100
grading system, it will now be 1 to 50.
** Added ability to change the player's colors; this incudes buttons, background,
and text. User might get unfavorable results using these color options with blend.
Combine at your own artistic risk. :P - A shoutout to Sally for the request! XD

[Updated 12/22/2007]
** Fixed alpha parameter interaction with bg_color parameter, also blend parameter.

[Updated 01/01/2008]
** Corrected problem with Artist Info button.
** Player can now be used in another flash document via movie container while being able
to adjust player height and width. See Appendix Page for details. A big thanks to
howard.s for pointing out the kinks.
** Tweaked time display to now show up after playlist is fully loaded.

[Updated 01/17/2008]
** Corrected a problem with display_time code. Fixed a few bugs in width and height code
for use with Flash Within Flash mode.

Copyright (c) 2005, Fabricio Zuardi
All rights reserved.

Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:

* Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
* Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
* Neither the name of the author nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission.

STEP 1 - Upload music files
Upload your music files to a free hosting server or your own web server. Below is a list of free hosting servers:

1. Fileden.com: Registered users are given a generous 500mb personally allocated online storage area along with a large 50mb maximum file size.
2. www.garageband.com: Get your music posted to iLIke and Facebook. A web page for each song, searchable by Google and other search engines. Unlimited streaming and downloads for life. Industry exposure to podcasters, A&R reps, etc who use our site. Free storage for your MP3s up to 200MB (that's 25-50 songs!)

If you are using a free hosting server, make sure you write/copy down the URL links to each of your music files. For example, after you register on www.fileden.com and upload your music files, it should provide URL links to your music files like so:

http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/13/772363/music_sample_001.mp3 http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/13/772363/music_sample_002.mp3 http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/13/772363/music_sample_003.mp3

If you uploaded your files to your own website/server then write down the directory in which you placed your music files like so:


STEP 2 - Unzip player files

Download the Zip file containing the files needed for the XSPF player. Unzip the files onto your computer like so.

Figure 1.1

Zip Screenshot

STEP 3 - Make your own XSPF playlist or generate one


If you plan on uploading a few dozen songs to be played on your website or MySpace profile then I recommend typing up your own XSPF playlist file. Below is the basic method of making a XSPF file via Notepad or equivalent:

TIP: You can change the name of the file playlist_example.xspf to whatever you want as long as it ends in " .xspf " .

For example: my_playlist.xspf , rock_songs.xspf , top_20.xspf, etc . . .

Figure 1.2

STEP 4 - Upload all files to your web server/free hosting site

Free Hosting Site:

After you have uploaded all your music and modified the playlist_example.xspf file (or whatever you named it) to correspond to your files, you need to upload all these files to your free host site. Below is the example of what your final list of files on Fileden.com might look like:

Figure 1.5

My File Hut Screenshot

STEP 5 - Embedding your XSPF Player on MySpace or Webpage

MySpace or equivalent:

Again sticking to my project example using Fileden.com as my "server", below is the "html code" you will need to place in your MySpace profile:

Figure 1.7

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/13/772363/xspf_player_v3.6.swf?playlist_url=http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/13/772363/playlist_example.xspf&autoload=1" height="170" width="400" >
<param name="movie" value="http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/13/772363/xspf_player_v3.6.swf?playlist_url=http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/13/772363/playlist_example.xspf&autoload=1" />
<param name="allownetworking" value="internal" />
<param name="allowScriptAccess" value="never" />
<param name="enableJSURL" value="false" />
<param name="enableHREF" value="false" />
<param name="saveEmbedTags" value="true" />
<param name="quality" value="high" />
<param name="wmode" value="transparent" />

xspf_player_v3.6 (127 KB)


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